Casa Tuscany

Casa Tuscany recommends Cornhill International Payments as their preferred currency exchange company. When you’re transferring money to Italy to purchase your property, Cornhill International Payments can give you a favourable rate (we guarantee not to be beaten) and depending on the price of the property you’re buying, you could save thousands. We can handle transfers from any country, not just the UK.

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About Cornhill International Payments

Cornhill International Payments was set up to help bridge the gap between foreign exchange rates that you would receive from a high street bank and the Inter-bank spot market. Having worked on foreign exchange trades to Italy for many years now, Cornhill International Payments are familiar with the banking systems and processes to ensure a fast and efficient service whilst obtaining the very best rate of exchange for you.

Fluctuations in the foreign exchange market can have a significant effect on the overall cost of buying and selling your property. Our experienced team have extensive knowledge of the industry and will advise you on how to manage your risk accordingly and suggest strategies tailored to your individual needs. You will be allocated a client account number as well as a personal dealer who can be called upon for any of your FX needs.

As part of the Cornhill Group, Cornhill International Payments has access to prices in the foreign exchange market that are normally reserved for major financial institutions. This means that the rates offered to our clients should always be unsurpassable by any other means. We refuse to be beaten on our rates. All trades are free of commission and there are no TT charges.