We can enhance your business by offering your clients an excellent service, and by supplying you with client payment confirmations.  All of our team work hard maintaining established personal relationships with our affiliates.

We assist our affiliates with all aspects of foreign exchange, from performing one off transactions for their clients, to assisting with international payroll. We work with variety of institutions ranging from lawyers, property agents/developers, mortgage providers and Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) who all benefit from Cornhill’s market knowledge and expertise.

Property Agents

We work in partnership with property agents both in the UK and abroad. The aim of these partnerships is to get the best rate of exchange for the buyers/sellers when they need to convert their currency upon completion. Also, once the clients are abroad they may need to make regular payments abroad, for example pension payments, mortgage payments etc.

Some of the benefits of working with Cornhill FX for these types of transfers are:

  • Better exchange rates than the bank by up to 5%
  • The ability to fix exchange rates for a future date up two years
  • No additional costs or charges
  • All payments are made same day

Wealth Managers

We work in partnership with wealth managers around the world helping both their private and corporate clients manage their exposure to the foreign exchange markets. These partnership agreements are aimed to add another service to what wealth managers & IFA’s currently offer, but the main goal is to save their clients as much money as possible in comparison to what their banks would off them.

Benefits of Cornhill FX’s partnership agreement:

  • A tailored service to each client’s individual needs
  • The highest level of risk management to help minimise cost from FX
  • No additional costs or charges
  • Flexible hedging strategies based on the clients requirements and time frames

Become an Affiliate

We look to work in tandem with wealth managers, IFA’s, property agents and tax advisors because we are aware their clients have high exposures to foreign exchange. Being a boutique FX service we have the flexibility to adjust accordingly to your clients specific requirements. We look to create risk management strategies for your clients’ needs and maximise the savings as much as possible. As an affiliate of Cornhill FX you will be paid a percentage of commission on the profit we make which can be paid to yourself or a charity of your choosing.

Becoming an affiliate is very easy and is not obligational. Simply complete the form on the right of this page and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about how Cornhill FX can help assist your contacts’ and clients’ foreign exchange requirements, please contact us directly.